Shady Shannon’s web of secrecy deepens

Health Minister caught refusing to release critical health information  

Shady Shannon Fentiman has taken her secrecy to another level by continuing to hide critical health information from Queenslanders.  

Bogged down by the chaos and crisis of the Palaszczuk Labor Government, Shannon Fentiman has failed to hand in her Ministerial homework.  

As of this morning, Labor’s Health Minister has failed to give answers to 12 Parliamentary Questions on Notice asked by the LNP Opposition.

The questions relate to important information like the number of Queenslanders who waited more than 24 hours in emergency departments for treatment, the longest times patients spent waiting for care on an ambulance ramp and the number of elective surgeries cancelled because of chronic bed shortages.

Ministers are required to answer Parliamentary Questions by due dates set by the Queensland Parliament.

As of this morning, the Minister’s answers to all 12 outstanding questions are overdue, including one of those questions meant to have been answered a month ago.

The new low for transparency comes after Shannon Fentiman ended the practice of releasing monthly ambulance ramping data to Queenslanders.

Shadow Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Ros Bates said it is clear Shannon Fentiman has no interest in being upfront with Queenslanders. 

“What is photo-op Fentiman trying to hide that she doesn’t want Queenslanders to know?” Ms Bates said. 

“Why is she keeping this information from Queenslanders?

“Photo-op Fentiman has failed to hand in her Ministerial homework.

“This information matters to Queenslanders, and belongs to Queenslanders, but that doesn’t mean anything to slippery Shannon.

“The Minister is showing her blatant disregard for Queenslanders working in, and relying on, our public health system.

“We have never had a Health Minister as shady as photo-op Fentiman.

“You can’t fix what you don’t measure and hiding information won’t fix the Queensland Health Crisis.

“It’s clear Slippery Shannon Fentiman sees secrecy as a solution to hiding her failures as Health Minister. 

“She’s more than happy to take time to pose for photos, but she can’t find time to release health statistics that could drive the change that’s needed to heal her broken health system. 

“As a registered nurse and former Hospital Administrator, I know how crucial sharing hospital data is for patients, their families and frontline medical staff.”


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