Imagine locking your house, yet being woken by someone kicking your door in.

Imagine locking your house, only to find someone in your house while you are sleeping.

Imagine locking your car, only to watch it being driven out of your driveway.

Imagine going to a shopping centre, only to be assaulted and have your car stolen.

Imagine feeling unsafe in your own home.

Imagine spending thousands of dollars on home security systems to “feel” protected.


Imagine watching the person who caused you mental and financial heartache being released on bail just days after ruining your life.

The Member for Toowoomba North Trevor Watts wants to know what needs to happen for this Palaszczuk Government to act.

“What will it take for the Palaszczuk Government to make SERIOUS changes.

“Will it take serious injury? Will it take someone dying after being hit by a stolen car? These thugs are ruining people’s lives all for a bit of notoriety.

“The Premier, Attorney General, Police Minister and Youth Justice Minister all have a role to play in curbing this disgusting increase in crime in Toowoomba.”

Mr. Watts is continuing to call for sensible changes.

“What we need is legislative change to bring back breach of bail, we need more police resources, as well as early intervention and community support programs to stop this before it starts.” He said.

A Parliamentary Petition has been launch alongside the Member for Toowoomba South and it can be found here: