Small and family businesses need a support package now

The LNP is calling on the State Government to release a business support package before more Queensland businesses close their doors for good.

The LNP believes more must be done to help businesses survive through their most difficult period yet of the pandemic.

Shadow Treasurer David Janetzki said he could understand why the State Government had turned its back on small and family businesses.

“The State Government needs to start listening and stop ignoring what’s happening in the real world.  

“The Premier and the Treasurer stand at media conferences and say businesses are going great when it’s just not true.

“Why is the State Government abandoning small and family businesses and their staff in their toughest hour yet?

“The Treasurer and his department are the ones with the data and the modelling capacity.

“Why hasn’t Cameron Dick designed the support package?

“The LNP has been advocating hard for small and family businesses. We need to look at things like payroll tax relief, targeted support grants, sick leave cover and electricity or water rebates.”

The Member for Toowoomba North is calling on the Palaszczuk Government to step up to the plate and support the small and family business sector.

“It is time for a competent Queensland Government to step up and put a package on the table.

“They’re all too quick to tax businesses in good times and go after businesses to fund various projects they might have, but it is now time to support the lifeblood of Queensland…Our small businesses,” Member for Toowoomba North Trevor Watts said.

Shadow Small and Family Business Minister Brent Mickelberg said if the State Government knew how to plan properly it could act today and release a business support package.

“For many businesses who’ve been fighting for two years to stay afloat, a support package will be the difference between whether they survive or not.

“The State Government needs to open its eyes and ears instead of pretending everything is ok, it’s not.

“The State Government can give small and family businesses the confidence to carry on by rolling out a package today.

“Where’s the plan? Where’s the understanding of how tough it is out there at that moment? Where is the State Government on this? Where is the business support package and what’s stopping the State Government from releasing one?

“Businesses want those questions answered and they want a support package today.

“Small and family businesses have shouldered so much of the financial and economic pain of the pandemic. We’ve got to help them get across the finish line.”

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