Southside Stingers Women’s U19 to compete in New Zealand

Six Darling Downs representatives attending Nationals
• Southside Stingers Women’s U19 to compete in New Zealand
• Trevor Watts presents a softball bat in sponsorship

Local Members Trevor Watts & Ian Rickuss today sponsored the Southside Stingers Women’s U19 Softball team in the run-up to the January 5 – 8 Softball Nationals to be held in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Mr Watts said “I am delighted to hand over this softball bat to be raffled by the team to raise much needed funds in support of this competition.”

“It is great to meet team representatives Katie Byrne (Manageress); and players Emily Byrne; Gracie Bloomfield and Joelle Natividad today and to have the opportunity to wish the girls every success at the Nationals.

The Toowoomba Softball Association has six representatives proudly representing the Darling Downs region at this sporting event including Emily Byrne; Taylor Jannusch; Sammy Brider; Keeley-Rae Dennien; Gracie Bloomfield; Joelle Nativadad.

“This is a great opportunity to wish the representative team all of the best of luck in this competition and I look to hearing of their achievements post Nationals,” Mr Watts said.

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