Specialist Outpatient Waitlist soars under Labor

New Government data has been released proving the longer Labor’s in power, the longer the waiting lists become.

More than 42% of patients waiting to see a specialist with Queensland Health are now not being seen within the clinically recommended time.

Queenslanders are paying a high price because of Labor’s sickening failure to resource and run our health system.

12 months ago, Health Minister Shannon Fentiman promised to invest $224 million to deal with long waitlists but it hasn’t worked.

Since then the specialist outpatient waiting list has soared by more than 18,300 Queensland patients.

The new data details how many Queenslanders are now waiting see specialists like cardiologists, ophthalmologists and orthopaedic surgeons.

These can be life-saving appointments that now aren’t happening for Queenslanders under Labor.

Labor’s excuses aren’t good enough for Queenslanders who are left waiting for life-saving and life-changing surgeries and appointments.

​ Only the LNP has a plan to heal the Health Crisis and that starts with more resources, better triaging, releasing data in real-time and putting doctors and nurses back in charge to improve patient care.

The Palaszczuk-Miles Government is in chaos and crisis and Queensland patients have suffered as a result.

Nothing will change until the government changes in October.

Question on Notice: No 629: 629-2024.pdf (parliament.qld.gov.au)

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