State Government caught prioritising politics over frontline services

The State Government is hiring political staffers at a faster rate than frontline workers like doctors, firefighters and teachers.

The Palaszczuk Government’s own workforce data shows it is prioritising politics over delivering services for Queenslanders.  

In 12 months, the number of staffers working in ministerial offices increased by 3.15% to 229.

In comparison, there was only a 0.12% rise in teacher and teacher aide positions.

The number of doctors in Queensland increased by just 2.4%, while the number of firefighters rose by 1.23%.

Shockingly, despite youth crime spiralling out of control, the Palaszczuk Government has only employed an extra five police officers.

This is an increase of just 0.04%.

Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli said the State Government should be focused on improving the lives of Queenslanders.

“These numbers tell the story of an administration bogged down by wasteful spending and poor priorities,” Mr Crisafulli said.
“The State Government is focused on itself when it should be focused on the challenges facing Queenslanders.
“If the State Government had more frontline staff they wouldn’t need an army of back room spin doctors papering over the service delivery cracks.”
Shadow Minister for Customer Service Steve Minnikin said he wasn’t surprised by the figures.
“The Palaszczuk Government’s priorities are all wrong,” Mr Minnikin said.

“At a time when doctors are doing double-shifts because they’re short staffed, the Premier is hiring more staff for her political offices.”
“They’re so obsessed with politics they’ve stopped delivering services for Queenslanders.”

“Queenslanders want fewer spin doctors and more actual doctors.”

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