State Government refuses to listen to Auditor-General’s call for transparency

The State Government has been caught red-handed keeping the truth from Queenslanders about how it is using billions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.

In a damning report, the Auditor-General has demanded transparency from the State Government about its controversial $8 billion Future Fund.

The fund is propped up by the mysterious re-valuation of the Titles Office which was exposed during budget week as being three times the value of the larger New South Wales office.

In his report Establishing the Queensland Future Fund, the Auditor-General asked the Treasurer to start providing financial statements so number crunchers can run a genuine audit of this fund on behalf of taxpayers.

Unbelievably, the Treasurer is refusing to listen and won’t open the books.

Shadow Treasurer David Janetzki says that the Treasurer’s unwillingness to tell Queenslanders what he’s doing with their money demonstrates a complete lack of accountability.

“What is Cameron Dick trying to hide from taxpayers?” Mr Janetzki said.

“When the Treasurer handed down his budget, he couldn’t say how the Titles Office was valued and now he won’t say how it’s performing. Why?

“The Auditor-General’s report again highlights why Queensland needs a Parliamentary Budget Office to independently assess and report on how budget decisions are performing.”

“The reality is, this means that your kids’ local cricket club does more auditing than an $8 billion government controlled fund.”

“The LNP has already committed to greater transparency in the budget process through the creation of a Parliamentary Budget Office and a reformed estimates process.”

“This third-term Labor government is giving up on integrity, accountability and honesty.”

“Queenslanders deserve better.”

Link to Auditor-General Report: Establishing the Queensland Future Fund (Report 11: 202122) (

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