Statement from LNP Shadow Minister for Housing and Public Works Michael Hart: Subcontractor non-payment taskforce

“The systems and institutions regulating Queensland’s building and construction industry are broken.

“The LNP reiterates its calls for a Royal Commission into the regulation of the construction sector.

“Too many subbies aren’t being paid and there aren’t sufficient answers from the Palaszczuk Government.

“The Subcontractors Alliance is right to criticise the Palaszczuk Government Special Joint Taskforce report.

“The Labor Minister promised in 2017 every subbie would be paid on time every time, but now it appears it will be four years before a heavily modified version of what he promised is implemented.

“It is time to fix the building and construction industry and only the LNP has a plan to protect jobs and make sure sub-contractors are paid.”

State News

Callide Scandal lays at Labor’s feet

At the end of the day, the Callide scandal lays squarely at Labor’s feet.
CS Energy couldn’t do the maintenance required because Labor’s Ministers blocked the money to do it.

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