Statement from LNP Shadow Police Minister Dan Purdie

Sunday, 27th September 2020

“The Palaszczuk Labor Government has zero credibility when it comes to law and order.

“Labor has overseen a massive rise in crime in the last five years across the state, but particularly in communities such as Cairns, Townsville and the Gold Coast.

“Queenslanders won’t be fooled by yet another election eve con, when crime rates have spiralled out of control over the last five years.

“Our police do the best they can with their arms tied behind their back with the weak laws given to them by the Palaszczuk Labor Government.

“Nobody is buying this announcement, especially five minutes before an election when their urgent calls for back-up have fallen on deaf ears for the last five years.

“Labor aren’t even on-track to deliver their election commitment from 2017 proving once again they are all talk and no action.

“In this term Labor cut the police budget by $44 million and this year was the only state to cancel its budget. 

“Labor even voted against a public sex offender register in the Parliament in August this year. Their priorities are all wrong.

“The LNP has committed to growing police numbers in line with population growth but more importantly we will provide the laws our hard working police need – tougher laws for domestic violence, tougher laws for gun crime, tougher laws for sex offenders, tougher laws for youth crime and tougher laws to crack down on organised crime gangs that peddle drugs to our kids.

“In government, the LNP funded 1100 new police and provided additional resources including two dedicated police helicopters and successfully hosted the biggest international security event we have ever seen with the G20.”

 Crime record across Queensland under the Palaszczuk Labor Government

  • Assault has increased by 40%
  • Serious Assault has increased by 38%
  • Robbery has increased by 86%
  • Armed Robbery has increased by 78%
  • Unlawful Use of Motor Vehicle has increased by 71%
  • Unlawful Entry has increased by 21%
  • Shop Stealing has increased by 54%

Breach Domestic Violence Protection Order has increased by 121%

Source: Qld Police Service data current up until August 2020 (

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