Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli:

The Premier’s refusal to hold an Assistant Minister accountable for bullying comments against whistleblowers shows she is incapable of changing the rotten culture she has overseen.

The Member for Maryborough Bruce Saunders’ comments are intimidating and the actions of a thug.

Bruce Saunders’ position as an Assistant Minister is untenable.

The Premier’s response today “Bruce is Bruce” shows her inability to grasp the magnitude of the cultural problems she has overseen for the past seven years.

Integrity matters. Accountability matters.

Shadow Minister for Integrity in Government Fiona Simpson:

Bruce Saunders is a poster boy of what not to do.

This is exactly the rotten culture of bullying and intimidation identified in the Coaldrake Report.

These standover tactics are what needs to be called out and stamped out.

This behaviour is disgraceful and must be condemned.

He must be removed as an Assistant Minister today.


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