Strength and experience in new Shadow Cabinet Team

LNP Leader David Crisafulli is today announcing his new Shadow Cabinet and brand-new portfolios.

“The new Shadow Cabinet team is hungry to win, determined to hold Labor to account, and ready to set ourselves on a path to improve life for Queensland families in 2024,” Mr Crisafulli said.

“When I became the Leader of the Opposition, I said I would assemble a team of some of the best economic minds in the parliament.

“It’s a strong mix of fresh faces and experience.

“The next election will be fought on the economy, which is why I have separated the economic arms to create both treasury and finance portfolios. 

“That means there will be the ability for us to chart a course towards good economic opportunities for Queensland families and also to hold the government to account for its expenditure.

“A government integrity portfolio will also be introduced charged with holding the current government to account.

“People will be left in no doubt as we come into the election in 2024 that we will be offering the best opportunity to get this state off its knees economically, create the jobs that we need to and govern in a measured and responsible way.”

Leader of the Opposition
Shadow Minister for Tourism
David Crisafulli
Deputy Leader of the Opposition
Shadow Treasurer  Shadow Minister for Investment and Trade  
David Janetzki
Shadow Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Shadow Minister for Medical Research Shadow Minister for Women  Ros Bates
Shadow Minister for Finance Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations  Manager of Opposition Business   Jarrod Bleijie
Shadow Minister for Integrity in Government  Shadow Minister for State Development and Planning  Fiona Simpson
Shadow Minister for Police and Corrective Services Shadow Minister for Fire and Emergency Services Shadow Minister for Rural and Regional Affairs   Dale Last
Shadow Minister for Customer Service Shadow Minister for Transport and Main Roads  Steven Minnikin
Shadow Attorney-General
Shadow Minister for Justice  
Tim Nicholls
Shadow Minister for Education
Shadow Minister for the Arts  
Christian Rowan
Shadow Minister for Water and the Construction of Dams Shadow Minister for Regional Development and Manufacturing  Deb Frecklington
Shadow Minister for Natural Resources, Mines and Energy   Pat Weir
Shadow Minister for Housing and Public Works
Shadow Minister for Sport and Racing
Tim Mander
Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry  Tony Perrett
Shadow Minister for Local Government Shadow Minister for Disaster Recovery
Shadow Minister for Volunteers  
Ann Leahy
Shadow Minister for Seniors, Communities and Disability Services Shadow Minister for Multiculturalism and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships  John-Paul Langbroek
Shadow Minister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef Shadow Minister for Science and Innovation  Shadow Minister for YouthSam O’Connor      
Shadow Minister for Employment, Small Business and Training Shadow Minister for Open Data    Brent Mickelberg
Shadow Minister for Child Protection Shadow Minister for the Prevention of Domestic, Family and Sexual Violence  Amanda Camm
Assistant to the Leader of the Opposition
Shadow Assistant Minister for Western Queensland  
Lachlan Millar
Shadow Assistant Minister for COVID Economic Recovery  Dan Purdie
Shadow Assistant Minister for Justice
Shadow Assistant Minister for Youth Shadow Assistant Minister for the Night-time Economy  Shadow Assistant Minister for Cultural Development  
Laura Gerber
Shadow Assistant Minister for Higher Education
Shadow Assistant Minister for Research
Shadow Assistant Minister for Defence Procurement 
James Lister
Shadow Assistant Minister for State Development Shadow Assistant Minister for Natural Resources and MinesJim McDonald
Shadow Assistant Minister for Mental Health Shadow Assistant Minister for Drug and Alcohol Treatment  Shadow Assistant Minister for Families
Shadow Assistant Minister for Seniors
Rob Molhoek
Shadow Assistant Minister for Tourism Industry Development   Stephen Bennett
Shadow Assistant Minister for Finance  Michael Crandon


Andrew Powell                 Shadow Cabinet Secretary/Party Room Chair

Trevor Watts                      Whip

Mark Boothman               Deputy Whip

PCCC Chairman                 Jon Krause

Party Room Committees:

Col Boyce                            Waste Watch Committee                            

Mark Robinson                 Investment Opportunities Committee   

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