Strollers singing their way into the hearts of our seniors


It was great to visit Brodribb Nursing Home this morning to see local singing group ‘The Strollers” in action.

“This group was formed in 1983 and throughout the group’s history it has had 25 plus members.  This commitment to bringing joy to those people who often feel socially isolated is certainly commendable,” Member for Toowoomba North Trevor Watts said today.

Each month the Strollers visit Brodribb Nursing Home, Auscare Nursing Home Toowoomba, Nubeena Retirement Village, Salem Nursing Home Toowoomba, NuMylo Aged Care Facility Toowoomba and Auscare Nursing Home Oakey.

Today’s session was supported by Pat Wright; Richard Webster; Margaret Thorn; Zelda Richardson; Bill Scanlon, Monica Peters and Leona Feiner.

This group’s efforts not only brings back wonderful memories from the past for the residents, but also provides great social interaction for all involved.  The group plays music upon request which often triggers an emotional reaction for many of the residents.

The Strollers should be commended for bringing sunshine into the lives of so many seniors in our community and I would like to encourage this group to keep up the great work