Take the Pledge for Fatality Free Friday 2017


Fatality Free Friday continues to resonate with the Australian community and the efforts of this year’s campaign has reflected this. As we know road safety is a complex issue and it is impossible to find one single key to reduce road trauma.

This program has successfully fostered community ownership, complex road safety issues and encourages all road users to make a significant difference in reducing road trauma.

The campaign is more than just a single day. Whilst the target is to have a fatality free Friday ultimately the aim is for a longer term community change.

One death on our roads is one death too many. Each loss of a life has a devastating impact upon families, friends, loved ones and individual communities right across Queensland.

If we all put a bit more thought into our driving habits, lives can be saved.

Take the Pledge to drive safely.

Join forces to beat road trauma and take the pledge for Fatality Free Friday by promising to:

  • Always be fit to drive
  • Stay focused on the road
  • Scan the road ahead
  • Keep a safe distance
  • Drive to suit the conditions

Please click here to take the pledge: http://www.fatalityfreefriday.com/2017-e-pledge/#.WR6DoukcQRY

Without a doubt road safety is a shared responsibility in which we all must play a part.

Please take it easy on the roads. We want to make sure you and your family are safe and sound – wherever you may be.