The Edge gets experimental with the Science Fair

Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts
The Honourable Ros Bates

The Edge gets experimental with the Science Fair

Science is about to break free from the lab and take over The Edge at the State Library of Queensland Science Fair on 23 June.

Arts Minister Ros Bates has encouraged people to attend the free workshops, hear a talk and see a themed public art work that will show the wonders of science.

“At the workshops, you can race yeast-powered boats in the Bio Boat Derby or, for the more adventurous, give new meaning to cooking by making fruity sorbet with liquid nitrogen,” Ms Bates said.

“Drew Titmarsh, a Post-Doctorate Research Fellow and PhD Candidate in Bioengineering at the University of Queensland, will speak at the Science Fair. He’ll give an insight into his work growing cardiac tissue that is capable of beating outside the human body; a remarkable and innovative project.”

The public art installation, Untitled Sound Project, invites people to make music by playing fruit and vegetables. It was created by new media and kinetic artist Michael Candyand sees fruits and vegetables placed in a low voltage electric circuit, with switches placed underneath. The conductivity in the fruit and vegetables produces a range of tones when the switch is pressed, making music.

Ms Bates said the science-themed workshops will be enhanced by The Edge’s own specialist facilities and media labs.

“The Edge is a centre for digital culture. This will be explored at the Science Fair where you can photograph micro-organisms under a microscope and then learn to transform the images into fabric prints using the design software and high spec Macs in Lab 1,” she said.

“Or you can make a mess in Lab 2 as you combine tea and bacterial cultures to grow cellulose textiles for fashion design.”

Ms Bates said works made on the day would be eligible for a range of prizes in the Science Fair competition.

The Science Fair is the culmination of the Mad Scientist Tea Parties at The Edge, where innovative science researcher s, students and enthusiasts presented their ideas.

The Drew Titmarsh talk costs $10 per ticket and can be purchased at The Science Fair workshops are free. Program details are listed at