The Palaszczuk Government must Release the Olympics infrastructure schedule

The Palaszczuk Government must release the infrastructure schedule for the Olympics so Queenslanders can ensure what was promised will be delivered.

The infrastructure schedule should include the list of projects, the costings plan and delivery timelines that Queenslanders were promised last year.

The Olympics is a once-in-a-generation opportunity to deliver a vision for our state.

It is not a vanity project.

Last week, the Palaszczuk Government said it was “stabbing in the dark” when it came to redeveloping the Gabba and now there are reports that infrastructure projects could already be blowing out by $1 billion before we’ve even seen a shovel in the ground.

It also concerns me that the Palaszczuk Government is seeking to take the unprecedented step of taking control of Olympic infrastructure delivery instead of it being delivered by an independent body like it has been at other Olympics.

Queenslanders know they cannot trust the Palaszczuk Government to deliver infrastructure on time and on budget.

Over the past seven years, the government has overseen massive cost blowouts and delays to infrastructure projects across the state.

We could have built more hospitals with this money.

Queenslanders cannot afford for this once-in-a-generation opportunity to be wasted.  

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