The State Wayne Swan forgot

Treasurer and Minister for Trade
The Honourable Tim Nicholls

The State Wayne Swan forgot

QUEENSLAND Treasurer and Minister for Trade Tim Nicholls said the Federal Budget was a disappointing result for Queensland.

“Queensland has received no funding for critical road, rail and port infrastructure across the state.

“Labor has turned its back on Queensland and failed to match the LNP Government’s $1 billion ten-year commitment to upgrade the Bruce Highway.

“Instead it will direct $2.6 billion over the forward estimates to upgrade the Pacific Highway in NSW, in a cynical move to try and shore up support in the Labor marginal seats of Richmond and Page.

“It is also a pay-off for the support of the Independent MP for Lyne,” Mr Nicholls said.

Mr Nicholls said it was disgraceful for Queensland to have to shoulder the infrastructure burden alone.

“Queensland provides a substantial proportion of the MRRT to the Federal Government yet none of that money has been returned to Queenslanders through funding for better roads and in frastructure.

“We have also suffered a cut of $2.5 billion in Specific Purpose Payments (SPP’s) for the next financial year which will result in cuts to services like skills and workforce development, community services, affordable housing and environmental payments,” Mr Nicholls said.

“Our nation’s debt level will increase from $274 billion to $290 billion – a debt which will have to be paid for by all Queenslanders.

“Labor’s Budget provided no clear plan how it would cement Australia’s future economic growth, create jobs or boost confidence.

“The Gillard Government is taking from Queensland families and businesses – taking with the carbon tax, taking with a broken promise to lower company tax, taking through the MRRT and increasing debt.

“The LNP Government is committed to helping Queensland families and businesses by abolishing the waste levy, reintroducing stamp duty concessions for the family home, freezing car registration costs and freezing electricity tariffs.

“This is a very painful Federal Budget for Queenslanders for little or no gain and is particularly disappointing given Federal Treasurer Wayne Swan, as a Queenslander, should understand the infrastructure and funding challenges we face,” Mr Nicholls said.

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