Toowoomba Misses Out On ‘Back To Work’ Funding Yet Again

Yesterday the State Labor Government announced a “revitalised” program to “Get Queenslanders Back To Work”.

Again, there was one startling omission, Toowoomba is not included in the program.

The Member for Toowoomba North Trevor Watts says it beggars belief that Toowoomba has once again missed out.

“This is the second time this program has been rolled out, and the second time Toowoomba Regional Council has not been included.

“There are two types of funding, one for Regional Queensland and another for South-East Queensland yet somehow we are not listed in either.

“Funnily enough the Lockyer Valley Regional Council (Located East of Toowoomba) is classed as ‘Regional’.”

If included, Toowoomba businesses would have had access to payments of $15,000 along with a $20,000 youth boost payment for businesses to employ Queenslanders under 25.

But instead, locals are left to pick up the pieces on their own.

Mr Watts struggling to unpack the double standards.

“The Premier has continually stated “Queenslanders are going to get through this virus together”, but it seems Annastacia Palaszczuk does not class Toowoomba as being in Queensland and we must get through this on our own.

“I urge the State Government to stop picking and choosing where their funding is allocated and offer business support to ALL of Queensland.”