Toowoomba must get a vaccination Hub

Last week the State Government didn’t order 60,000 available Pfizer doses for Queensland.

The missing 60,000 Pfizer doses could have vaccinated two-thirds of the Toowoomba population between the age of 15-60.

The missing 60,000 Pfizer doses could have seen a vaccination hub open before Annastacia Palaszczuk’s Quarantine Hub is in operation.

The fact that they only ordered 37% of our AstraZeneca quota last week is also nothing short of appalling.

This State Government is playing politics with Toowoomba residents, and their PR plan to undermine the Federal Government could potentially cost Queenslanders lives.

The Queensland Government’s inconsistent actions and messaging is harming the vaccine rollout. It’s no wonder Queensland is at the back of the pack.

With the Palaszczuk Government going it alone on the quarantine facility at Wellcamp they need to ensure Toowoomba is leading the vaccination race in Queensland. 60,000 Pfizer doses would’ve gone a long way to ensuring locals safety.

Toowoomba residents deserve every opportunity to be vaccinated – it’s our way out of this pandemic.

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