Trevor Watts delivers on school zone safety


I wish to confirm an elected LNP Government would invest $105,000 for vital road safety upgrades for Toowoomba North State School and Mater Dei Primary School.

Flashing school zone lights will be installed outside Toowoomba North State School on Mort Street, and Mater Dei Primary School on Curzon and McKenzie Streets.

Flashing school zone lights for Toowoomba North State School and Mater Dei Primary School will improve the safety of students, parents and teachers at morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up, as well as all motorists who use these roads on the morning and afternoon commute.

The LNP, when last in government, made school zone safety a priority, with the rollout of hundreds of flashing school zone lights across Queensland schools.

Delivering traffic safety upgrades for our local school communities is just another way the LNP is supporting families and building the roads, bridges and dams we need.