Trevor Watts gives police leg-up in fight against crime


I am pleased to announce today that an elected LNP Government will invest $145,000 in crime-prevention infrastructure for the City of Toowoomba.

CCTV installations and upgrades will be rolled out across the electorate of Toowoomba North, including the BMX Track Captain Cook and Rockville Sports Ground.

Included within the $145,000 investment is $50,000 for remote monitoring devices at sites outside the current Council network and $75,000 to upgrade 10 City Safe cameras from analogue to digital, allowing local police to quickly identify and respond to antisocial behaviour.

Former President of the Toowoomba BMX Club welcomed the CCTV installations and upgrades.

“Trevor is very community minded and strongly supports the club. His tireless representation on our behalf has delivered world class equipment for all members, accommodating those seeking to compete at highest levels to kids just wanting to have a go. Trevor continuously strives to achieve better infrastructure, amenities and safety for this community” said Mr Budden.

I am proud to be able to announce that the LNP will make this significant investment in the crime-fighting ability of our local police.

Every day I speak to locals who tell me that one of their biggest concerns is the explosion of crime and anti-social behaviour in our community, which has been left unchecked by a do-nothing soft-on-crime Labor Government.

Enough is enough.  That is why an elected LNP Government will invest $145,000 into new CCTV infrastructure.

Queenslanders are less safe under Labor because they have absolutely no plan to deal with skyrocketing crime rates, expect to give criminals free passes.

Queenslanders will rightly ask themselves, can I afford another three years of a Labor Government who has seen crime increase year after year after year.

A vote for anyone other than the LNP will see the return of a do-nothing Labor Government which has the wrong priorities and has taken the people of Toowoomba for granted.

This investment in CCTV infrastructure is all part of our plan to Build a Better Queensland by building a better Toowoomba North.