Under pressure, Fentiman elects to lie

Queensland Health Crisis and elective surgery facts

Shannon Fentiman has just released a highly misleading media statement proving once again she is a deceitful and self-serving Health Minister.

Shannon Fentiman is the worst Health Minister in Queensland’s history.

While Queenslanders wait years for life-changing surgeries, Shannon Fentiman elects to lie about the surgery waitlist crisis occuring on her watch.

The Australian Medical Association has announced today it is taking action and Shannon Fentiman wants Queenslanders to believe everything is fine?

The irrefutable facts are clear when it comes to Queensland’s ballooning elective surgery numbers under the chaos and crisis of the Palaszczuk-Miles Government:

  • Queensland’s elective surgery waiting list is the longest it has ever been.
  • When the Government took office, the elective surgery waiting list was 30,000 Queenslanders. It has now ballooned to more than 60,000 for the first time in living memory.
  • When the Government took office, the number of people waiting longer than clinically recommended for surgery was just 2%.
  • Queensland Health’s most recent figures from December show that nearly 20% of patients are waiting longer than clinically recommended for their surgery.
  • Before COVID, the waiting list for elective surgery had nearly doubled to 56,000 patients under Labor’s watch.
  • Shockingly, on top of the record high elective surgery waitlists, there are also nearly 300,000 (291,507) Queenslanders just waiting to see a specialist for the first time.

While the alarms bells are sounding right across the health system under Labor, Shannon Fentiman has proved again today why she cannot be trusted.

Just this week Shannon Fentiman was caught red-handed hiding ambulance lost hours because she didn’t like the numbers.

The lives of Queenslanders are on the line, and the only thing Shannon Fentiman cares about is herself.

State-wide Elective Surgery Facts
TimeframeTotal Waiting List% of patients not treated on timePatients waiting longer than clinically recommended
Dec-23  60,278  19%  6,078  

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