Venue study to set the stage for future growth

Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts
The Honourable Ros Bates

Venue study to set the stage for future growth

The Newman LNP Government is keeping its promise to plan for the future growth of performing arts in Queensland, giving the green light for a study into venue needs for Brisbane.

Arts Minister Ros Bates said it showed a commitment to long term planning for the industry in this state.

“The Government’s policy, Arts for all Queenslanders, will ensure quality performing arts experiences continue to be enjoyed as the State’s population grows to a projected 4.4 million by 2031, in the South East alone,” Ms Bates said.

“Brisbane’s arts scene is thriving. Earlier this year the multi-award winning musical Mary Poppins broke box office records to become the biggest selling show at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (QPAC) in more than a decade.

“The performing arts calendar is full with dynamic seasons from Queensland Ballet, Queensland Theatre Company, Queensland Symphony Orchestra and Opera Queensland.

“There is no shortage of wonderful wor k to see. However, I am aware of the ongoing debate around the need for a new venue. The study will see if there is a strong body of evidence to support these claims.”

Ms Bates said that arts and culture have an important role in contributing to the LNP Government’s target of a $30 billion visitor economy in Queensland by 2020.

“The study will compare Brisbane to other interstate and international cities and analyse the need for a new venue by considering current and projected demand from local producers and companies, national and international touring acts, and audience trends,” she said.

“The study will set out thinking on medium and long-term (20 years) venue needs, including seating capacity and type of venue and consider the factors to ensure any future performing arts venue infrastructure is sustainable.

“For the performing arts to continue to thrive, we need to know that we have the right balance of venues in Brisbane.”

Arts Qu eensland will manage the study which will be completed by September.

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