Watts lighting up Captain Cook Reserve


It is great to see a future LNP Government committing $450,000 for LED lighting on Fields 1 and 2 of Captain Cook Reserve in McGregor Street, Wilsonton.

The provision of LED lighting on Fields 1 and 2 will dramatically improve the use of the fields for night time events.

The fields are currently used throughout the year by both Soccer and Cricket Clubs.

Club membership is expected to grow in both sporting codes as the provision of lighting to Fields 1 and 2 will open up even more opportunities for each Club’s program of events.

The cooler evening temperatures would be a benefit to those participating in events such as junior and senior cricket matches, as well as soccer.

Rather than our kids being forced to compete in the hot sun, the cooler evening temperatures will make it an all-round more comfortable experience.

These new LED field lights are part of the LNP’s commitment to encourage an active and healthy Toowoomba North community.

I’m proud to be part of an LNP Team that is not only listening to the needs of the local community, but delivering for them.  This is an investment in the sporting and recreational infrastructure needs of the Toowoomba North community.