WHAT IS GOING ON? Labor adopts “impossible” LNP Policy

The Palaszczuk Labor Government’s about-face on establishing a complaints Clearing House is extraordinary and stinks of a Government in chaos and crisis.

This is another example of the Palaszczuk Labor Government adopting the policies of the LNP.

This is also another example of why you just can’t trust a thing Labor says.

When Labor said it was impossible and “unviable, both financially and technologically” to set up a Clearing House, the LNP committed to implementing it “lock, stock and barrel.”

A Clearing House is an accountability measure that would streamline complaints to Government to ensure they are handled by the proper body and not buried in bureaucratic runaround.   

Just over a week ago, Leader of the Opposition David Crisafulli met with Public Service Commissioner David Mackie to better understand how a Clearing House could be established under an LNP Government and reverse the Premier’s decision.  

Tellingly, last week the LNP also submitted a Question on Notice to Parliament about Labor’s decision to ditch the Clearing House which can be found here.

Curiously, just days later the Labor Government now believes it can be done.

Suddenly, what was seemingly impossible is possible again.  

How is it Labor spent a year not implementing a Clearing House, decided it wasn’t possible and now suddenly it’s happening again?

Having wasted so much time, it is now vital the Government sets a clear timeline for when the Clearing House will actually be implemented.

This latest about-face has once again exposed Labor’s chaos and crisis and reveals the Palaszczuk Government have forgotten they govern for Queenslanders, not themselves.

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