You might not rate a Carbon Tax but the Federal Government does

Senator Barnaby Joyce
You might not rate a carbon tax but the Federal Government does. In fact, the Federal Government rates the carbon tax so highly it wants to put it on your rates.
The list of organisations that will pay the carbon tax direct shows that 8 are local councils, which means that the carbon tax won’t just hit your electricity bills it will hit your local rates as well. (The Councils include: Brisbane City Council, the City of Armadale, the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Council of the City of Shellharbour, Gladstone Regional Council, Maranoa Regional Council, Wagga Wagga City Council and Western Downs Regional Council.)
It’s on your toast in the morning, it’s on your television when you get home from work and now even if you go outside at night and look at the stars it’s on the ground you stand on.
Apparently we are going to cool the planet from our rates notice. This tax is absurd. It will do nothing to change the temperature of the globe but will put up the cost of everything.
7 of the 8 councils are in regional Australia. This is a tax that is aimed squarely at regional Australia because that is where the majority of Australia’s mining, manufacturing and power generation occurs.
We should be supporting these sectors and supporting jobs in regional Australia not whacking another tax on them.
Why must these eight councils pay the carbon tax but over 500 others do not? What is the rationale for this crazy tax?
I am sure the people of Brisbane, Armadale, Kalgoorlie, Shellharbour, Gladstone, Roma, Chinchilla, Dalby, Miles, Tara and Wandoan will be thanking the government the next time they receive their rates notice. The people of these towns clearly need to repent more than others by paying a carbon tax.