LNP to phase out plastic bags in Toowoomba

Member for Toowoomba North, Trevor Watts said a future LNP Government would phase out supermarket-style plastic bags across Queensland, including the Toowoomba region.

Mr Watts said single-use plastic bags had an average lifespan of just 12 minutes but could take more than 1000 years to fully decompose.

“I’m proud to lead the Toowoomba community in cutting public waste, reducing landfill and providing a safer environment for our wildlife and families,” Mr Watts said.

“Queenslanders use around one billion plastic bags every year and the average family collects more than 60 per week.

“By phasing out single-use plastic bags from our local supermarkets, we are making an important investment in our future.

Mr Watts said the LNP’s commitment to phase out plastic bags has been fully endorsed by Clean Up Australia, Wildlife Australia and the Boomerang Alliance, which represents 45 different environmental groups.

“In 2005, all Australian Governments agreed to phase out plastic bags by 2008, but so far only South Australia, Tasmania, Northern Territory and ACT have fulfilled that promise,” Mr Watts said.

“There are plenty of alternatives to the single-use plastic bag – by making a simple lifestyle change, local families can make a huge difference.

“Green, or bring-your-own bags, heavy retail bags, paper bags and barrier bags for fruit vegetables and meat will not be banned.

“The LNP is committed to protecting our world-class environment, after recently introducing a container deposit scheme that would give consumers, businesses and charities a 10 cent refund for aluminium, glass and plastic drink containers returned for recycling.”