Water security trickles through Queensland’s fingers

After nearly a decade, Queensland is still waiting for a water security plan from the Palaszczuk Labor Government

South East Queensland is again looking down the barrel of water restrictions, with no plan to ensure water security for Queensland’s growing population, on the Palaszczuk Labor Government’s watch.

Reports today that Wivenhoe dam has fallen to 70% of capacity and is on-track to fall to just 50% next year, are deeply concerning.

After nearly a decade in Government, Labor still has not consulted Queenslanders or developed a plan to address water security across our State.

Today, the LNP has renewed its call for the Palaszczuk Labor Government to deliver a Water Security Plan. 

Every year we wait for this Government to develop a water plan, South East Queensland is placed in even graver danger of water insecurity.

Without a plan, Labor is paralysed by inaction and can’t kick into first gear.

Studies and business cases into potential projects are piling up, but never see the light of day.

This is Labor Government too consumed by its own chaos and crisis, to plan, fund and build the water infrastructure Queensland needs.

Meanwhile, our population continues to grow, putting more pressure on our precious limited water supply.

This Government must deliver a Water Security Plan for our growing region.

We cannot let water security trickle through our fingers until it’s too late.

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